Welcome to Café Sofia
…or the evolution of a bistro

“When we started our first shop, our aim was to create a comprehensive product, able to cover a bigger part of the 24 hours by offering.”

Blending early morning café with the trendy day bistro, topped with chic night spot and spicing it up with some latino flava. Sounds just about impossible… Add to it beautiful people and voila! Café Sofia! Urban, informal and…sexy! This mediterrarnean by feel hip bar is actually very much a fresh fusion of inventive spirit and energy of modern South Africa.

The Name

Sofia, the ancient Greek word for wisdom. Sofia has been summed up simply as “Life.” She is the wisdom principle in man, divine feminine, perfect nature, she is…The vessel and the matter of good and evil. She is the moon…The One, who art All.

The Deco

The eclectic and decadent feel of the 70’s, wallpapers, warm orange colours, dark wood, beautiful fabrics and highly innovative group of designers, creating sheer bliss for your senses. We use the best we can get!

The Heart

Our bar of course! From coffee to cocktails and sangrias we search the highest standardsof preparation bonded with quality ingredients and wonderful variety of flavours. The product blend is magic!

The Food

The little dishes, shared by everyone at the table! Meze, tapas, antipasto …Fusion mixture of the rich and healthy eating culture of South Europe, North Africa & Middle East, blended in our unique presentation. But by far the most significant aspect of the food sharing ritual is its ability to bring people from all walks of live round the table to enjoy the experience of this small on size but high in flavor and taste cuisine.

And The Soul

Staff of Café Sofia. People extraordinary in their dedication to deliver to you, our client the unforgettable experience of Café Sofia.